Let me help you capture it in book form,
professionally and confidentially!

You’re a top-level business executive with a lifetime of experience and knowledge to share…

… an entrepreneur who has risked it all …

… an artist who sees what others can’t imagine …

… an attorney, physician or other professional with fascinating ideas to share …

… or a philanthropist who wants to change lives.

You’ve wanted to write a book for some time but something has always stopped you: a lack of time, difficulty converting your thoughts into words, the hassle of conducting research, or perhaps the drudgery of rewriting, editing and polishing. And then there’s the “how do I publish?” problem.

Writing a book can be a struggle… and that’s where I come in.

I’m a ghostwriter/editor of highly-praised memoirs, business books, art books and more. My resume includes New York Times bestsellers and international bestsellers, as well as self-published books used for specific business or personal purposes. Think of me as a confidential “pen for hire” who will turn your ideas and experiences into an exciting, thought-provoking book. My works include:

An inspirational memoir by the former President/Board Member of Toys “R” Us.
Diana and Dodi, a memoir coauthored by ghostwriter Barry Fox
An eyewitness account of Princess Diana’s last romance and final days.
The Arthritis Cure - a ghostwriter Barry Fox project
A New York Times #1 bestseller that sold over a million copies.
Life Lessons, a Barry Fox book project
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ final book, which delves into the mysteries of life and living.

Creating Your Legacy: The Ghostwriting Process

My approach is much more personal, rigorous and in-depth than you might expect from a ghostwriter. That’s because I do much more than simply arrange your life stories and/or ideas in a pleasing chronology.

Your stories and ideas are interesting in and of themselves – but putting them into the context of what matters most to you makes for a more captivating read. That’s because while your stories show what you do, your larger message reveals who you are.

My goal is to capture both what you do and who you are.

I begin by discovering your stories. Then I translate them into written form, rewriting and reorganizing to make them as powerful, amusing, touching or inspiring as possible – always ensuring that your unique voice comes through loud and clear.

Then, together, we push deeper to discover what really matters to you, crafting the larger message you’d like to pass on, the legacy you’d like to leave for future generations. This might be anything from your take on the meaning of life to advice on conquering the boardroom; from what you’ve learned about the value of family to ideas about how to fix the political system. It becomes your personal missive to the world.

Your finished book is a seamless blend of your life experiences and your larger message, each making the other more powerful and compelling. Your life stories frame your message; your message energizes your stories. It is your legacy.

Naturally, this more complex approach to writing your book requires that we spend some time together. At the beginning of the ghostwriting process I will travel to your office, home or another mutually convenient location in the United States where we can have extended conversations over the course of several days. After that, we’ll continue communicating, regularly, via phone, Skype and/or email, as appropriate.

You’ll see drafts of the chapters and sections as I create them, giving you an opportunity to provide feedback. And we may use the early drafts to further explore your insights, digging deeper and adding layers to your stories and larger message. The result is a beautiful book that presents both your stories and your message in a compelling and wonderfully readable form.

Other ghostwriters promise to create a book quickly, easily and cheaply. I pledge to make your book a fascinating, in-depth look at your experiences, coupled with the insight that only you can provide.

Spend the time and effort necessary to get your legacy message right – it’s worth it!

The Proof Is in the Praise

During the course of my writing career, I’ve worked successfully with CEOs and other top business professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, motivational speakers, professors, physicians – even with the butler who attended Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed on the night they died. Here’s what Bruce Krysiak, former President/Board Member of Toys “R” Us, said about my ghostwriting process:

For years I thought about writing a book as a way to pass along certain life lessons and create some sort of legacy, but always held back because it seemed too complicated and I didn’t know where to start. Then I met Barry Fox, a ghostwriter who proved to have a tremendous ability to convert my words, thoughts and stories into a well-structured, thoughtful, insightful book.

After listening to my intentions and concerns, Barry helped me create a format for the book that gave a logical flow and sensibility to my ideas. I was impressed by his ability to challenge me creatively and sharpen my focus. He also helped me explore and express the personal side of my thoughts and experiences in ways that truly brought the book to life.

Working with Barry became a journey of self-discovery, resulting in a much better book than I ever could have written on my own.

The Book Creation & Publication Package

Writing the manuscript is just the beginning of the confusing, complicated process of creating a book. That’s why my ghostwriting services cover everything from crafting your manuscript to delivering 100 copies of your published, 150-200 page book to your door. The complete package consists of:

  • Ghostwriting your book
  • Proofreading performed by an independent specialist
  • Creating the interior design
  • Securing the ISBN and bar code
  • Registering your U.S. copyright
  • Managing the printing process, start to finish
  • Creating the “eBook” version of your book
  • Listing your book on
  • Printing and delivering your finished book to your door

The entire process generally takes about ten months. The final result is 100 copies of your book to share with your family and friends, plus the option of ordering more.

The fee for the complete book creation and publishing package is $75,000. This fee covers everything listed above, as well as my travel expenses within the U.S. for our initial working session, and managing the creation of your cover design. (Costs for travel outside of the U.S., any photos or graphic elements in your book, and translation, if necessary, are billed separately.)

My Job as a Ghostwriter Is to Make You Look Great!

As a professional book ghostwriter and editor of memoirs, business books and health books, I’ve worked on books that have been published by Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s, HarperCollins, LittleBrown, Broadway Books, Rodale and other major publishers – as well as some that were self-published. Several have earned places on national bestseller lists and/or produced impressive sales records. My projects have included:

  • an inspirational memoir by the former co-head of Toys ‘R Us
  • a very personal memoir by a retired pilot
  • a look at the causes and effects of American-Chinese economic entanglement
  • a political memoir for the Founder/Chairman of a U.S. steel-industry company
  • a new look at how to motivate employees and customers
  • an inside look at the fabled romance between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed
  • a New York Times #1 bestselling book on arthritis
  • a business book examining how the future impacts the present

I bring ideas and stories to life by:

  • creating a strong through-line for your book
  • zeroing in on your most compelling stories, ideas, experiences and/or techniques
  • placing your stories/ideas/experiences in the context of what really matters to you
  • trimming the “fat” and shaping the book to achieve maximum impact with a minimum of “reader fatigue”
  • selecting the tone and style that captures the your voice and captivates your readers

You are the expert in your field or topic: I am the expert in transforming your ideas into a great book! Here’s what Donovan Pullen, Chairman of Ori Agri South Africa, said about working with me:

Writing a book is like painting a picture. I knew which colors and feelings I wanted to express, but it took Barry’s experience and skill set organize my complicated ideas into a perfect picture…

Barry was always ready to listen and question, to help frame ideas in a way that could be effectively communicated. The bottom line is I would not have been able to write my book without assistance from Barry and I can highly recommend Barry to anybody wanting guidance and support in writing a book.

Your Role in the Book Creation Process

Obviously, you will play a key role in the creation of your book, and you may be wondering exactly what you will need to do. You must be prepared to talk with me, share your ideas and experiences, and allow me to ask many questions. And, of course, you must be willing to provide any supporting information, documents or photos that you wish to include, review the drafts as I send them to you, offer comments and make corrections. But that’s it. The bulk of the work is left to me.

Let’s Get Started!

Finding a ghostwriter is easy – but finding the right ghostwriter can make the difference between a finished product that’s just okay and one that’s great. As your ghostwriter or editor, I’ll help you create a great book – one that you’ll be proud of.

Call me at 818-917-5362

Barry Fox

   Best-selling book ghostwriter, author and editor – the expert at making you look great!