How to Start An Autobiography – 4 Great Examples

How To Start An Autobiography - 4 Great Examples

How do you start your autobiography? And where? Do you begin with your birth? With the first notable thing you did? With the biggest crisis point in your life, and then go back to the beginning? While there is no single “best” way to start an autobiography, there are different approaches. The key … [Read more...]

What is An Autobiography? – It’s Your Life’s “DNA,” In Written Form

What Is An Autobiography?

An autobiography is an account of your life. Written by you, it contains all the names, dates, places and other details necessary to track your life story from birth to the present. Think of it as containing your life’s “DNA” – all the information needed to recreate your entire life story. Your … [Read more...]

Writing a Memoir: 7 Tips

writing a memoir - six tips

  Writing a memoir is definitely a challenge. Here are some tips to help keep things moving along. Tip #1 - Think theme Begin by thinking carefully about your theme. The theme is your memoir’s through line, the central question, problem, issue or situation that drives the story forward. A … [Read more...]

How to Start a Memoir

how to start a memoir

 You start a memoir by engaging the readers. You… Make them curious. Make them smile. Make them sigh. Make them wonder. Make them remember something from their own lives. Make them worry that something terrible is about to happen Make them wish they were there If you can engage … [Read more...]

Memoir Ideas Are Everywhere!

memoir ideas

  Where do writers get great memoir ideas? In The Glass Castle: A Memoir, Jeannette Walls wrote about her very unusual childhood and bizarre parents. In 700 Sundays, Billy Crystal wrote about growing up, with an emphasis on his relationship with his father, whose life with Billy lasted … [Read more...]

What is a Memoir?

What is a Memoir

  Perhaps it’s easier to begin with what a memoir is not. It’s not an autobiography, which is a complete, factual account of your life, from birth to the present day. It’s not a journal or collection of musings. And it’s not that string of amusing stories that your friends love to … [Read more...]

Before You Hire a Writer, Consider These 5 Questions

hire a writer

  You're eager to hire a writer and get cracking on your book. You whip through a Google search for “hire a writer,” draw up a list of potential ghostwriters, interview them on the phone, then pick a winner. Yes, you can accomplish this in a few days or even in a few hours. But you … [Read more...]

Finding and Working With Top Ghostwriters

top ghostwriters

  What makes top ghostwriters the best of the bunch? Is it that they’ve worked with the most glamorous celebrities and the highest-echelon business leaders? The length of their resumes? The glowing recommendations they’ve received from clients? Their degrees from prestigious … [Read more...]

How Does Ghostwriting Work? Here Are 5 Ways

how does ghostwriting work?

  When people approach me about ghostwriting their books, they inevitably ask, “How do you work?” or “What’s your writing process?” In most cases what they really mean is,  how does ghostwriting work? The answer is simple: It depends on your needs and the kind of person you are. Which … [Read more...]

How to Hire a Ghostwriter in Six Steps

how to hire a ghostwriter in six steps

  Many aspiring authors wonder about how to hire a ghostwriter. Some conclude that the process is easy: Just put together a list of candidates, have a chat with each on the phone or on Skype, then pick the winner. Yes, you can do it that way. Or, you can dig a little deeper and improve … [Read more...]

What Is a Ghostwriter? 9 Things, Plus!

what is a ghostwriter?

  A ghostwriter is an expert in writing books for other people. Memoirs, business books, health books, books on art or history, philosophy or sports – any kind of book. Although the ghostwriter does the writing, only the client’s name appears on the book, and the client receives the … [Read more...]

Writing Your Memoir: First Steps

Writing Your Memoir

  The Thought of Writing Your Memoir is Exciting! But eager as you may be to rush to the keyboard, it pays to step back and do a little planning before you begin typing away. Think long and hard about four things: your purpose, your theme, your slice, and the best way to structure your … [Read more...]

Self-Publishing Your Memoir: Getting Started

Your memoir - steps to getting it self-published.

  Self-Publishing Your Memoir?  Once you decide to self-publish, rather than working through a traditional publishing house, you've got a some decisions to make and a lot of tasks to accomplish. But never fear – you can do it! Here are some ideas to get you started: Work with a … [Read more...]

Once You’ve Finished The First Draft of Your Memoir…

Your memoir's first draft is finished. Now what?

  You've Finished the First Draft! After working on your memoir for months, you finally type that last word and heave a big sigh of relief. At last, you practically shout, it’s done! Well, not really. In fact, your work has only just begun.  I can say that with certainty, for I am a … [Read more...]

Publishing Your Memoir: What Are Your Options?

publishing your memoir

  So Many Choices for Publishing Your Memoir!!! Publishing your memoir, holding the book in your hands, seeing it listed for sale on the internet: Even before you began writing a memoir, you probably imagined yourself as the proud author of a new book. But how do you go from a manuscript – … [Read more...]

Top Three Things Readers Expect From a Memoir

Memoir readers expect a strong theme, emotional engagement and entertainment.

  Even As You’re Pouring Out Your Heart Writing Your Memoir ...think about your readers. Ask yourself what they will gain by picking up your memoir. In other words, why should they bother reading about you? There are many things memoir readers hope to find when reading a memoir, the … [Read more...]

Bringing Your Memoir Characters to Life – Part I

memoir characters

  You're Painting Word Pictures  ... of your memoir characters. In your mind, you can see them, hear them and maybe even smell them. Thinking about them brings certain sounds and tastes to mind, perhaps vivid memories of the giggling of children or the taste of rich chocolate ice … [Read more...]

I Wrote My Memoir: Now What?

my memoir

  "My Memoir is All Done!" Or Maybe Not. "I wrote my memoir!!!" you practically shout with joy as you type that final word. You’ve been slaving away on your memoir for months, even years. You've been obsessing about your plot, characters and theme day and night, agonizing over whether the … [Read more...]

3 Rules to Ignore When Writing a Memoir

writing a memoir

  Forget What The Teacher Said About Following Every Little Rule!  When writing a memoir, there are some rules you should definitely ignore. #1 Rule to Ignore: Always Start at the Very Beginning  Many memoir writers think they must begin their story with their birth. But remember, a memoir … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Memoir Before You Finish It: Part I

marketing your memoir

  Great Writing Meets Great Marketing  When you’re in the midst of writing, the last thing you may be thinking about is marketing your memoir. After all, isn’t it better to handle tasks one at a time – first writing the memoir, then publishing it, then finally marketing it? In most … [Read more...]

Ethics for the Memoir Writer: The Unwritten Code

memoir writer

  Do Memoir Writers Need to Know the Legal Fine Print? As a memoir writer, you’ll need to set aside normal concerns about privacy in order to bare your soul to your readers and reveal details you typically keep private. And often, it’s not just your personal information that is being … [Read more...]

How to Write a Memoir: Getting Started

how to write a memoir

Wonder How To Write A Memoir? Think Theme, Theme, Theme!  Most people think the process begins when you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. But it really starts with your stories, those amusing, dramatic, heart-wrenching or heart-warming tales you’ve been telling your friends or running … [Read more...]

Hiring a Ghostwriter: How Much Will It Cost?


  What Does Hiring a Ghostwriter Cost? You’d like to hire a ghostwriter to write your memoir, but you’re not sure what it will cost. And your search through ghostwriters’ websites hasn't provided the answer, as many ghostwriters do not list specific prices. What might it cost to engage a … [Read more...]

3 Great Reasons to Work With a Memoir Ghostwriter

three great reasons to work with memoir ghostwriter

  Having Trouble With Your Memoir?  Not sure where to begin? How to end? How to get all the other stuff in between the beginning and ending without ruining everything? That’s where a memoir ghostwriter can come in handy. A professional “pen-for-hire” can assist you in several ways: 1. … [Read more...]

Having Your Memoir Published by a “Standard” Publisher

Having your memoir published by a standard publisher

You Have An Amazing Story to Tell the World! Unfortunately, you have no idea how to get a standard publisher such as Simon & Schuster to purchase and publish your memoir. If you’re working with a ghostwriter who has experience dealing with standard publishing houses, you can ask him or her for … [Read more...]

Do I Need a Ghostwriter for My Memoir?

ghostwriter for my memoir

Writing a Memoir Sounds Easy! After all, you might think, It’s my life. Who knows it better than me? When I tell my stories to my friends and family, I always get a good response. So all I really need to do is put my stories down on paper and – voila! – an instant memoir. If only it were that … [Read more...]

Top Three Tips for Hiring a Ghostwriter

hiring a ghostwriter

Hiring a Ghostwriter Can Be A Daunting Prospect! There are so many writers, how can you possibly sort through them all? Here are few ideas that can help guide you successfully through the process of finding a best-selling professional ghostwriter.  1.  Learn About Ghostwriters and … [Read more...]

Autobiography or Memoir?

autobiography or memoir

  What, Exactly, Am I Writing? Is it an autobiography or a memoir? There's a difference, and which you're writing helps determine the content, tone and style of your book. Many people use the terms "autobiography" and "memoir" interchangeably, but there is a major difference between the … [Read more...]

11 Mistakes Writers Make When Approaching Literary Agents

Eleven Mistakes Writers Make When Approaching LIterary Agents

  About To Send A Query Letter? There's the right way to approach literary agent with your query letter, and the wrong way - or rather, numerous wrong ways. Writer's Relief details 11 mistakes writers make in the query letters they send to agents: Cheesy lead Bobbled … [Read more...]

“Building the World” in Your Memoir

Building the World in Your Memoir

  When Writing A Memoir, You Paint Word Pictures of Places & Times Fantasy and science fiction writer Janice Hardy explains how to "build a world" that readers will find believable and intriguing. Her three steps are: Determine the critical elements of that world Find a situation … [Read more...]