how to start a memoir, how to begin a memoir

How to Start a Memoir

Learn six bestselling techniques of beginning a memoir, including “make them wonder,” “make them smile,” “make them relate,” and “make they sympathize.” Includes examples of each of the six techniques, taken from popular books.

memoir ideas are everywhere, where to get memoir ideas

Memoir Ideas Are Everywhere!

Do you want to write about your life, but are not sure whether you have a story to tell? Here are 25 different ideas for memoirs, 25 ways of thinking about your life and organizing your thoughts into a great book.

what is a memoir

What is a Memoir?

A memoir is a carefully selected “slice” of your life, revolving around a situation, experience, or interaction with others that raised powerful emotions or triggered insights. Keep reading to learn more.

how does ghostwriting work?

How Does Ghostwriting Work? Here Are 5 Ways

The way ghostwriting works depends on you. You may be the “you do it type” who wants the ghostwriter to do it all, the “I’ll finish it when you’re done type,” or one of three other types. Learning what type you are will make the ghostwriting process much smoother.