3 Great Reasons to Work With a Memoir Ghostwriter

work with a ghostwriter, ghostwritingHaving Trouble With Your Memoir? 

Not sure where to begin? How to end? How to get all the other stuff in between the beginning and ending without ruining everything?

That’s where a memoir ghostwriter can come in handy. A professional “pen-for-hire” can assist you in several ways:

1.  The Memoir Ghostwriter Identifies Your Best Material  

You have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of experiences, but a memoir is a carefully selected “slice of life,” not your entire life story. So how do you know which part of your life should be the focus? An experienced ghostwriter will help you identify your most compelling stories and thoughts, selecting the ones that are best at bringing you to life on the page.

2. The Ghostwriter Selects the Best Structure for Your Story

It takes more than describing events in the order they occurred to keep the readers’ eyes glued to the page. In some cases, a memoir should be written in chronological order; in other cases, it’s better to start at the end or even somewhere in the middle. Some memoirs are best structured around events, while others can be based on the author’s philosophy or lessons learned. Your ghostwriter will help you discover the most interesting  and effective way to organize your memoir.

3. The Ghostwriter Saves You Time & Effort

Writing a memoir is hard work! Organizing, researching, writing, rewriting, editing, polishing and proofreading a memoir requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. Talk to any author and he or she will tell you it takes months or even years to finish a book. If you’re like most people, you don’t have that kind of time. But your ghostwriter will shoulder the burden for you. All you have to do is “talk your story” to your ghostwriter, then read and correct the chapters, as blank pages become a polished and fascinating book.

But The Credit is Yours!

People from all walks of life call upon a memoir ghostwriter to help them craft their books, from movie stars to physicians, CEOs to sports heroes, presidents of the United States to “regular folks.” But no one will know you’ve had assistance because your name and your name only will appear on the book. You and you alone will take the bow. The ghostwriter will simply fade away once the work is complete.

When you’re ready to write your memoir, contact Barry Fox. I have had years of experience ghostwriting and editing fascinating memoirs, and working with people from all walks of life who have incredible stories to tell.