Agents Who Represent Memoirs & Biographies

A list of agents who represent memoirs and biographies.

Are you looking for a memoir agent to represent your memoir or biography? Here’s a list of agencies that represent memoirs and/or biographies, as of October, 2018.

Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency – – see especially agent Mitch Hoffman

Aevitas –

Ayesha Pande Literary – – see especially agent Ayesha Pande

Barbara Braun Associates –

Bent Agency – – see especially agents John Silbersack and Claire Draper

Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises –

Bradford Literary Agency –

Brandt & Hochman, Literary Agents –

Chalberg & Sussman – – see especially agent Rachel Sussman

Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency –

Chase Literary Agency –

Cowles Agency –

Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency –

Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents –

David Black Agency – – see especially agents David Black, Rica Allannic, Gary Morris, Sarah Smith, and Joy Tutela.

Denise Shannon Literary Agency –

Don Congdon Associates – – see agents Cristina Concepcion, Michael Congdon, Katie Grimm, Katie Kotchman, and Susan Ramer, all on the Agents page.

Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency –

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management – – see especially agents Miriam Goderich, Stacey Kendall Glick, Jim McCarthy, John Rudolph, Leslie Meredith.

Elyse Cheney Literary Associates – – see especially agents Alice Whitwham, and Allison Devereux.

Fairbank Literary Representation –

Felicia Eth Literary Representation –

Fifi Oscard Agency –

Fine Literary –

Fine Print Literary Management –

Fischer-Harbage Agency –

Fletcher & Company – – see especially agents Sarah Fuentes and Veronica Goldstein.

Folio Literary Management –

Francis Goldin Literary Agency –

GelfmanSchneider/ICM Partners –

Georges Brochardt –

Gernert Company –

Harvey Klinger –

Inkwell Management –

Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency –

Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency –

Joelle Delbourgo Associates –

John Hawkins and Associates –

Joy Harris Literary Agency –

Karpfinger Agency –

Kimberley Cameron & Associates –

Levine/Greenberg/Rostan Literary Agency –

Maria Carvainis Agency –

McCormick Literary –

McIntosh & Otis –

Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke –

Prospect Agency –

Rees Literary Agency –

Regal Hoffman & Associates –

Richard Henshaw Group –

Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency –

Serendipity Literary Agency –

Sterling Lord Literistic –

Stonesong Literary Agency –

Stuart Agency –

Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency –

Tessler Literary Agency –

Transatlantic Agency –

Vicky Bijur Literary Agency –

Waxman Leavell Literary Agency –

Writers House –

Zoe Pagnamenta Agency –

For a list of 100 agents who represent various genres, not must memoirs and biographies, see “100 Literary Agents to Contact.”

If you’re writing a health book, see the list of 30 agents who represent health books in our “How To Write and Publish a Health Book” – scroll down to item number 10 for the list. 


list of agents who represent memoirs & biographies

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