Amusing Book ReviewsIn her “Ask Allison” blog, novelist Allison Win Scotch describes how painful reviews can be: “One of the toughest things about writing a book and putting it out into the world is being totally defenseless to the reviews that come your way…I’ve been blessed with this great review coverage and so much good fortune with Time of My Life, but I’m telling ya… even though you know that they’re not direct reviews of YOU, personally, sometimes, it can be tough to make that distinction.”

That’s absolutely true: writers love the good reviews and believe the bad ones were written by people lacking judgment, insight, taste, discernment and …add in all the words you like.

Sometimes, however, the reviews are so off-the-mark they’re amusing. After my wife Nadine and I coauthored Arthritis For Dummies, we received, via the publisher, a letter from one of our “fans.” This woman wrote to say that while she found the book full of helpful information, she was offended because we – Nadine and I – were saying that people who had arthritis were dummies. The insult was right there in the title, she pointed out.

I don’t think she fully understood the concept of the “Dummies” books.

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