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how to publish a book

How to Publish a Book

Everything you need to know to begin publishing your book. You’ll learn about different publishing options, agents, what costs are involved, how you get paid, your chances of success, and more.

how to write a memoir

How to Write a Memoir

10 tips to help you write your memoir. An introduction to memoir themes, characters, selecting your first words, dealing with “unpleasant truths,” writing rules, and more.

how to build your author platform

How to Build Your Author Platform

One of the best ways to attract a publisher, and to sell copies of your book, is to have a tall and broad author platform. Learn the 8 steps to building a great one.

how to begin your memoir

How to Begin a Memoir

Two great techniques for beginning a memoir are “starting just before” and “beginning with a dream.” An explanation of the techniques, with examples from best-selling memoirs.

the cost of book self-publishing packages

Self-Publishing Packages: What They Cost

Are you thinking of self-publishing your book? Here’s a quick comparison of the prices of self-publishing packages at 10 self-publishing firms – including AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Dog Ear and Lulu.

11 tips for writing a memoir

Writing a Memoir: 11 Tips

Writing a memoir is definitely a challenge! Here are eleven essential tips to ensure that the process of writing your memoir will be as smooth and productive possible.

what to ask your ghostwriter, questions to ask the ghostwriter

Questions to Ask Your Ghostwriter – Before Work Begins

Eight key questions you should ask your ghostwriter before either of you puts pen to paper – plus five questions you should ask yourself. Asking and answering these questions will make the collaboration much smoother, and the book better.

how to write your autobiography

How to Write Your Autobiography

Are you struggling to write your autobiography? Not sure where to begin and what to include? Here are 6 tips to get your started.

5 ways to begin a business book

5 Ways to Begin a Business Book

Many bestselling business books begin in one of five ways: with a story about the book’s topic, with a story about the author, by demonstrating the situation/phenomenon the book discusses, by explaining necessary background, or with a dictionary definition. A look at each of these five approaches, with examples.

8 great ways to start off a memoir, begin a memoir

8 Great Ways to Start Off a Memoir

There are many ways to start off a memoir, ranging from the conventional to the startling, the conversational to the literary, and the deceptively mundane to the outspokenly confrontational. Here’s a look at eight great techniques, with examples.

how to start a sports memoir

How to Start a Sports Memoir

You can start a sports memoir at the moment you’re down and out, by describing a feeling no one else understands, just before the big event, and early in childhood, where it all began. A look at these techniques, with examples.

how to start a political memoir

How to Start a Political Memoir

There are numerous ways to begin a political memoir, including at the moment when all seems lost, at a time of great crisis, with an interesting realization, and as your time in office is coming to an end. A look at these techniques, with examples.