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10 habits of successful book writers, authors

10 Habits of Successful Book Writers

Writing is a craft and a discipline, and if you want to be a successful writer you’ll need to develop certain essential skills. Here are ten habits that will see you through any kind of writing that you do—books, magazine or newspaper articles, website content; you name it.

100 literary agents to contact

100 Literary Agents to Contact

Literary agents are your entrée into the world of standard publishing, to the acquisitions editors at Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and other standard publishing houses. Here’s a list of 100 agents/agencies, complete with links to their sites.

yes - 25 publishers who welcome unsolicited submissions

25 Publishers Who Welcome Unsolicited Submissions

Most standard publishers will not look at your manuscript unless an agent sends it in. These 35 publishers will, so you can send to them on your own. Here’s a listing, complete with links to the sites and descriptions of what they are looking for.

12 Rules For Readable Writing

Clear, direct, and readable writing is a must for non-fiction writers. Mastering these 12 rules will help ensure that your words don’t stand in the way of your message.

How to Start a Memoir - Ghostwriters Barry Fox and Nadine Taylor explain how

How to Start a Memoir

Learn six bestselling techniques of beginning a memoir, including “make them wonder,” “make them smile,” “make them relate,” and “make they sympathize.” Includes examples of each of the six techniques, taken from popular books.

memoir ideas are everywhere, where to get memoir ideas

Memoir Ideas Are Everywhere!

Do you want to write about your life, but are not sure whether you have a story to tell? Here are 25 different ideas for memoirs, 25 ways of thinking about your life and organizing your thoughts into a great book.

what is a memoir - staircase leading into a person's head

What is a Memoir? – 10 Things to Know

A memoir is a carefully selected “slice” of your life, revolving around a situation, experience, or interaction with others that raised powerful emotions or triggered insights. Keep reading to learn more.

gears indicating the ghostwriting process

What is the Ghostwriting Process? Here Are 5 Possibilities

The way ghostwriting works depends on you. You may be the “you do it type” who wants the ghostwriter to do it all, the “I’ll finish it when you’re done type,” or one of three other types. Learning what type you are will make the ghostwriting process much smoother.

getting free pr for your book

Getting Free PR for Your Book

You need PR to sell your book, but hiring someone to handle it for you can be expensive. Here are some tips for getting free PR.