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Themes in Books are Like…

For many authors, developing and working with themes in their…
help writing a book from ghostwriters Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor

Book-Writing Helpers, From “360 Degree” to “Pinpoint”

Most of us need help writing a book. That's because, contrary…
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The “Whys” and “Why Nots” of Writing a Non-Fiction Book

Before you begin writing your nonfiction book, you must answer…
what kind of business book should I write

What Kind of Book Should I Write?

(For the purposes of this article, I’m assuming you’re in…
preparing to write a book, ghostwriters Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor explain how

Preparing to Write a Book

Preparing to write a book is a bit like getting ready to cook…
Ghostwriter Barry Fox explains what a book theme and chocolate cake have in common

Book Themes & Chocolate Cake Recipes

You’re eager to begin writing your book. You’ve made a list…
Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor explain how to write a memoir for a non-fiction book

How to Write a Query Letter for a Non-Fiction Book

12 steps to writing the perfect query letter, which is your first opportunity to wow a literary agent with your book idea. A lot has to go into one little letter, so it’s vital to get it right!
10 habits of successful book writers, authors

10 Habits of Successful Book Writers

Writing is a craft and a discipline, and if you want to be a successful writer you’ll need to develop certain essential skills. Here are ten habits that will see you through any kind of writing that you do—books, magazine or newspaper articles, website content; you name it.
copy editor and proofreader, what's the difference

Copyeditor and Proofreader – What’s the Difference?

Many people confuse the copy editor and proofreader, but they have different and distinct duties. A look at the two, what they do for your manuscript, and why and when you should use them.
copy editor and proofreader, what's the difference

12 Rules For Readable Writing

Clear, direct, and readable writing is a must for non-fiction writers. Mastering these 12 rules will help ensure that your words don’t stand in the way of your message.
copy editor and proofreader, what's the difference

Book Editors, Proofreaders, et al. – Google story

A quick look at the copy editor, developmental editor, proofreader, and other professionals who can help you create a great book!