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Welcome to our “Writing/Editing” page, which is where you’ll find our blog articles on writing and editing books. Enjoy the articles and if you’d like help ghostwriting your book, give us a call!

10 habits of successful book writers, authors

10 Habits of Successful Book Writers

Writing is a craft and a discipline, and if you want to be a successful writer you’ll need to develop certain essential skills. Here are ten habits that will see you through any kind of writing that you do—books, magazine or newspaper articles, website content; you name it.

ghostwriter, editor, book coach, which is which

What is a Ghostwriter, an Editor, a Book Coach?

Each of these experts can help you create your book. But they have different roles and tools, and may or may not be appropriate for you and your manuscript at certain points. Here’s a look at these professionals and how they can help you.

12 Rules For Readable Writing

Clear, direct, and readable writing is a must for non-fiction writers. Mastering these 12 rules will help ensure that your words don’t stand in the way of your message.