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We are expert, experienced ghostwriters of highly-praised memoirs, business books, ghostwriter for book, ghostwriting servicesart books, and more. Our resumes include New York Times bestsellers and international bestsellers, as well as self-published books used for specific business or personal purposes.

Ghostwriting a book is a bit like mining raw ore and turning it into precious metal. It takes some exploration and digging. And it takes the ability to recognize beauty in its early form before turning it into something valuable and significant. That’s what we do – and that’s what we find most fulfilling.

We love helping people explore their thoughts and push past what they absolutely know. We love challenging philosophies or plans and finding the weak spots so we can strengthen them together. We love re-imagining memoir story arcs in various ways, always with the intent of grabbing the readers and making them care – really care.

If you’d like to learn more about us and our approach, explore this website. You can see what VIPs have said about working with either or both of us on the Testimonials Page.

Think of us as confidential “pens for hire,” the expert ghostwriters who will turn your ideas and experiences into an exciting, thought-provoking memoir, business book, political book, art book, or other type of book. Our works include:

another project by expert ghostwriter Barry FoxAn inspirational memoir by the former President/Board Member of Toys “R” Us.
another project by expert ghostwriters Nadine Taylor & Barry FoxAn eyewitness account of Princess Diana’s last romance and final days.
a best-selling book by expert ghostwriter Barry FoxA New York Times #1 bestseller that sold over a million copies.
The decades-long aftermath of a World War II pilot’s death.

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