Services & Fees

how to publish a book

The best collaboration begins with a conversation—an extended one. That’s why, whether you work with Barry or Nadine, or both of us, we’ll travel to your home town where we’ll sit down together to talk. We’ll explore your ideas and stories, as well as the different ways they can be shaped to create your best possible book.

Then we’ll return home to begin the writing process. We’ll have many more conversations via phone or Skype, and you’ll receive drafts of the chapters as we write them. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make course corrections and otherwise ensure that the finished book truly brings your vision to life.

But if you intend to have your book published or to self-publish it, writing the manuscript is just the beginning. And so, upon request, our ghostwriting services can be extended to include creation of the published book. A full package consists of:

  • Ghostwriting your book
  • Proofreading performed by an independent specialist
  • Managing the cover design
  • Creating the interior design
  • Securing the ISBN and bar code
  • Registering your U.S. copyright
  • Managing the printing process, start to finish
  • Listing your book on Amazon and other online retailers
  • Printing and delivering your finished book to your door

Our fee is $65,000 and up, depending on services requested. This fee includes our travel expenses within the U.S. for the initial working session. (Costs for travel outside of the U.S. are additional.)

To learn more about how we work, see our About Us page.