First Words in Best-Selling Business Books: An Example of the Phenomenon

In a nutshell: Open the business book with an explanation of the situation or phenomenon being examined.

Here’s how Thinking, Fast and Slow begins:

To observe your mind in automatic mode, glance at the image below.

Your experience as you look at the woman’s face seamlessly combines what we normally call seeing and intuitive thinking. As surely and quickly as you Thinking, Fast and Slowsaw that the young woman’s hair is dark, you knew she is angry. Furthermore, what you saw extended into the future. You sensed that this woman is about to say some very unkind words, probably in a loud and strident voice. A premonition of what she was going to do next came into mind automatically and effortlessly. You do not intend to assess her mood or to anticipate what she might do, and your reaction to the picture did not have the feel of something you did. It just happened to you. It was an instance of fast thinking.

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