Which Freelancers Can Help Me Write My Book?

Writing a book is an exciting and often difficult process. Many people find themselves bogged down and discouraged – which is where the freelance writer, writing coach, editor and copy editor can come in handy.

Here are some helpful definitions:

  • A freelance ghostwriter will help you create the manuscript, either writing it entirely by herself, working from a rough manuscript you’ve put together, or assisting you as you write. If employed as a ghostwriter, the freelance writer’s name will not appear on the book, and she does not have to be acknowledged in the book – unless that’s your preference. This is the key difference between a ghostwriter and a co-author, whose name appears on the book cover and the title page.
  • A freelance writing coach will critique your manuscript, whether it be the entire thing or individual chapters at a time, offering suggestions for improving your writing and strengthening your book’s argument or storyline.
  • A freelance editor will work to improve your completed manuscript, moving pieces around, eliminating repetitive or irrelevant sections, indicating what needs to be added and suggesting changes in language.
  • A freelance copy editor will carefully comb through the final draft of your manuscript, looking for spelling and grammar mistakes and other problems, as well as changes in language usage. The copy editor will also look for “informational continuity,” ensuring, for example, that your vitamin formula doesn’t contain 500 grams of vitamin C on page 30 and 500 milligrams on page 245.

Whether you utilize the services of all of them or just one, the freelance ghostwriter, freelance writing coach, freelance editor and freelance copy editor can ensure the transformation of your idea into a well-written book.

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