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I’m Barry Fox, a New York Times #1 bestselling author and memoirist. I’ve written over 40 published books, many of them memoirs and personal stories.

One of my best known memoirs is of Princess Diana’s romance with Dodi Fayed during the last month of her life, and their tragic ending in Paris. While your personal journey may not be as well known as Princess Diana’s, it’s every bit as special, especially to your descendants.

Your life stories are precious but they’re perishable, lost forever if you don’t write them down.

Your descendants, current and future, need to know their roots in order to fully understand themselves. But only you can tell them about yourself and those who came before you—the trials and tribulations, successes and failures, and most of all the love you shared with one another.

I can create a wonderful, highly readable book from your personal journey, family stories, family history, genealogical information, and add your photos and favorite family recipes, if you wish.

Leave a legacy your descendants will treasure forever!

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My Memoirs Include:

Princess Diana’s last romance and final days with Dodi Fayed, told by Dodi’s butler.

memoir and autobiography writing servicesA woman’s World War II memoir of love, loss, redemption, and the enduring cost of war.

a rags to riches life storyThe memoir of a “golden girl” and a gritty Cajun from Louisiana who fought their way to the top.

ghostwriter for a memoirA rags to riches memoir by the founder/chairman of a steel industry company.

My Clients Say:

Working with Barry became a journey of self-discovery, resulting in a much better book than I ever could have written on my own. – Bruce Krysiak

Barry thinks big, is incredibly creative, insists on maintaining a high quality bar, and is a consummate professional. I loved working with Barry and hope to do so again in the future! – Lindi Tardif  

With Barry’s help writing my book was not only possible, it was pleasurable. – Steven Friedman

Barry showed an amazing ability to grasp my vision, then creatively and almost supernaturally produce it. – Jesmane Boggenpoel

Don’t Let It Slip Away…

Keep your life story, family history, and important messages to your family alive in a beautiful, insightful, information-packed book. Live forever in the minds and hearts of your descendants!

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Then call me at (818) 917-5362 or email Barry@BarryFox.us.