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Memoir ghostwriters Barry Fox and Nadine Taylor

We, Barry Fox and Nadine Taylor, are memoir ghostwriters who view the creation of your memoir or autobiography as a labor of love.

Your life story is absolutely unique: the roads you’ve taken, your triumphs and defeats, the lessons you’ve learned and those you still need to master—these are yours and yours alone.

As master storytellers, we’ll weave them into a fascinating memoir that captivates, informs, and moves your readers.

Your book will spring from a close collaboration between you and the two of us, based on many conversations during which we will dig deeply and push beyond the obvious to discover the more profound meanings and greater lessons or insights you may want to share with your readers.

We’ve had the pleasure of writing and ghostwriting numerous memoirs and biographies, including the story of Princess Diana’s final days on earth; the roller-coaster life of a penniless couple who eventually built a $2 billion dollar oil business; and the life story of a young South African woman who suffered the outrages of apartheid—including the murder of her father—then rose to become a successful attorney at Amazon, with a fascinating outlook on humanity and forgiveness. 

We’ve also had the pleasure of seeing our work featured in major newspapers and on television shows in multiple countries.

But as ghostwriters, our greatest joy continues to lie in accessing a person’s deepest, most significant memories and using them to create a captivating memoir or autobiography that readers simply can’t put down.

Our works include:

memoir ghostwriting servicesAn eyewitness account of Princess Diana’s last romance and final days.

life story writing servicesThe story of a black girl born in apartheid-era Soweto who overcame oppression and developed a fascinating outlook on humanity and forgiveness

autobiography writer Nadine TaylorThe memoir of a “golden girl” and a gritty Cajun from Louisiana who fought their way to the top.

ghostwriter for a memoirA rags to riches story by the founder/chairman of a steel industry company.

If you need a memoir ghostwriter, call us at 818-917-5362. We can also assist you with publication.

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Memoir Ghostwriters, Plus

Writing your memoir is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t stop there. The next challenge is getting it published.

Many of our clients have asked us to help with the self-publishing of their memoirs. Their needs can vary quite a bit: we’ve helped with everything from simply finding a printer to overseeing the publication of a beautiful, hardback, two-volume boxed set.

We’ve also shepherded books, including Diana & Dodi: A Love Story, through the standard publication process.

Ghostwriters Are Detectives

We’ve found that being excellent memoir ghostwriters requires that we become sleuths.

For one project we spent several days in Louisiana, visiting all of the author’s previous homes, schools, businesses, and other important sites so we could get a feel for the places and people we would be writing about.

For other projects, we’ve traipsed through a steel processing plant; studied diagrams of yachts and Parisian apartments; sorted through hundreds of old photos and documents; visited art galleries, interviewed people from around the world, sometimes with the help of interpreters; boned up on Chinese history; and sought out university professors who could provide much-needed background information.

This kind of research is absolutely necessary in order to write authentically in another person’s voice.

The Best Thing about Ghostwriting…

The thing we love best about ghostwriting memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies is the fascinating people we get to work with. . . whether they are CEOs or airplane pilots, artists or physicians, or “just plain folks.”

All of them have imagined and striven, struggled and triumphed—and at times just endured. And all have amazing, enthralling life stories to tell.

All they’ve needed is someone to help them tell those stories, and that’s where we come in.

Do You Need a Memoir Ghostwriter?

Some people may be able to write insightful, delightful memoirs all on their own. Others will need assistance.

You may not know whether you’re one of the former or the latter until you’re well into the work. You can, however, consider a few questions before beginning.

Can you think thematically?

Can you select the best structure?

Are you willing to “sacrifice ” your favorite stories?

Do you have a passion for writing?

Do you have the time to dedicate to your memoir?

Yes? No?

If your answer to all of the above is yes, you might be able to produce a wonderful memoir on your own. If not, you should hire a memoir ghostwriter.

If you need a ghostwriter for your life story…

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