Readable Writing Review: Write in Regular Old English

When you’re in the process of putting words to paper, remember that writing is pretty much like speaking, only you do it with ink, not vocal cords.

So follow these simple rules for readable writing:

1. Keep It Simple

2. Keep the Pomposity Factor Low

3. Short Sentences are Sweet Sentences

4. Toss the Extra Words Overboard

5. Combine for Clarity

6. Favor the Active Voice

7. Skip the Jargon

8. Don’t Over-Love Yourself

9. Tell Us What You’re Talking About

10. Organize Your Material Logically

11. Stick Your Neck Out

12. Accentuate the Positive

Your writing can be very readable and persuasive if you remember that you’re just talking to your readers. So use plain old English. Be brief and to the point, be clear and always be positive.

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