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Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor explain how to write a memoir for a non-fiction book

How to Write a Query Letter for a Non-Fiction Book

12 steps to writing the perfect query letter, which is your first opportunity to wow a literary agent with your book idea. A lot has to go into one little letter, so it’s vital to get it right!
100 literary agents to contact

100 Literary Agents to Contact

Literary agents are your entrée into the world of standard publishing, to the acquisitions editors at Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and other standard publishing houses. Here’s a list of 100 agents/agencies, complete with links to their sites.
100 literary agents to contact

Agents Who Represent Memoirs & Biographies

A list of 68 agents you can contact to represent your memoir, biography, or autobiography – with a list to each agent’s website.