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the book ghostwriting contract

Book Ghostwriting Contract

The book ghostwriting contract is a key part of your relationship…

Calculating Self-Publishing Royalties

Figuring out self-publishing royalties can be surprisingly complex. It depends on several factors, including type of book sold (softcover, e-book, etc.), the size of the book, and the sales channel in which it was sold. A look at how these royalties are calculated, with explanations from the contracts of iUniverse, Xlibris, and WingSpan Press.
who own your work, you or the self-publishers?

Who Owns Your Work, You or the Self-Publisher?

As a general rule, you retain the rights to your book when you self-publish. But "general rules" can be bent this way and that, so it pays to read the self-publishing contract very carefully. Here are links to several self-publishing contracts, along with a discussion of some items to look for.
self-publishing contracts

A Look at Self-Publishing Contracts

Self-publishing contracts vary widely in length, scope, detail, and other aspects. To help you sort through them, here are links to the contracts from 8 self-publishing firms. Plus, a list of items to look for in these contracts.
the warranty clause in self-publishing contracts

Watch the Warranty Clause in Self-Publishing Contracts

Are you familiar with the warranties (promises) you’ll be agreeing to when you sign a self-publishing contract? If not, read this article.

Beware the Competing Works Clause in Book Publishing Contracts

It’s just one of endless clauses buried in a book publishing contract, but it can cost you a lot of money if you’re careful. Learn more about the clause with claws.