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ghostwriting services

ghostwriting services

Welcome to our “Ghostwriting Services” tag page, which is where you’ll find our blog articles on the topic. Enjoy the articles and if you’d like help ghostwriting your book, give us a call!

An in-depth look at the professional ghostwriter.

The Professional Ghostwriter

All about the professional ghostwriter. An in-depth look at finding a ghostwriter, paying the ghostwriter, contracts, publishing, and more.

working with a ghostwriter

Working With a Ghostwriter

You’ll be trusting your ghostwriter with your ideas and stories, so it’s important to establish a good working relationship. Barry Fox explains how to do so.

how to hire a ghostwriter

How to Hire a Ghostwriter – 9 Key Steps

Don’t rush through the ghostwriter hiring process, or have your assistant do it for you. It is well worth the time and effort to find and hire exactly the right ghostwriter. Here’s a nine-step, in-depth approach to hiring a ghostwriter.

ghostwriter, editor, book coach, which is which

What is a Ghostwriter, an Editor, a Book Coach?

Each of these experts can help you create your book. But they have different roles and tools, and may or may not be appropriate for you and your manuscript at certain points. Here’s a look at these professionals and how they can help you.