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The “Whys” and “Why Nots” of Writing a Non-Fiction Book

Before you begin writing your nonfiction book, you must answer…
Introduction to Self-Publishing by Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor

Introduction to Self-Publishing

Many of my ghostwriting clients are aware of self-publishing…
your options for publishing a business book

Options for Publishing a Business Book

Publishing your business book, holding the book in your hands,…
100 literary agents to contact

100 Literary Agents to Contact

Literary agents are your entrée into the world of standard publishing, to the acquisitions editors at Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and other standard publishing houses. Here’s a list of 100 agents/agencies, complete with links to their sites.
yes - 25 publishers who welcome unsolicited submissions

25 Publishers Who Welcome Unsolicited Submissions

Most standard publishers will not look at your manuscript unless an agent sends it in. These 35 publishers will, so you can send to them on your own. Here’s a listing, complete with links to the sites and descriptions of what they are looking for.
yes - 25 publishers who welcome unsolicited submissions

Having Your Memoir Published by a Standard Publisher

You've written an amazing memoir! Unfortunately, you have…