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An in-depth look at the professional ghostwriter.

The Professional Ghostwriter

All about the professional ghostwriter. An in-depth look at finding a ghostwriter, paying the ghostwriter, contracts, publishing, and more.
Working with a Ghostwriter

Working With a Ghostwriter

You'll be trusting your ghostwriter with your ideas and stories, so it's important to establish a good working relationship. Barry Fox explains how to do so.
gears indicating the ghostwriting process

What is the Ghostwriting Process? Here Are 5 Possibilities

The way ghostwriting works depends on you. You may be the “you do it type” who wants the ghostwriter to do it all, the “I’ll finish it when you’re done type,” or one of three other types. Learning what type you are will make the ghostwriting process much smoother.
Man stacking coins, indicating the cost to hire a ghostwriter

What Does it Cost to Hire a Ghostwriter?

A look at the price range charged by professional ghostwriters to write a book – and why they charge what they do.