The Book Doctor Can “Revive” an Ailing Health Book

Your just-written health book is on life support!

The central idea is fuzzy, the main points don’t connect, and the case histories aren’t positioned for the book doctor can revive an ailing health bookmaximal impact.

Not only that, the scientific explanations are way too detailed, and there are too many of them.

The health book you just wrote is “sick.”

Many health professionals find themselves in this position, and it’s no wonder. After all, you had hundreds of case histories to cull through, thousands of studies to review, and endless ideas to develop.

How do you compress years of learning and practical experience into 200 readable pages?

That’s where a “book doctor” comes in handy

The book doctor will strip your manuscript down to its essential ideas, toss out information and stories that are not relevant, rearrange what remains, identify what’s missing, reassemble it all and fill in the gaps.

Tangential ideas, irrelevant studies, too many case histories, and extraneous historical background are all swept aside as the core ideas and examples are refined. You’re left with a well-argued, easy-to-read book.

Now you have a health book you can be proud of…

…one that presents you, your ideas, and/or your services in the best possible light. All you needed was an experienced, competent book doctor.

Although any professional ghostwriter or editor can improve your manuscript, relatively few specialize in book doctoring.

When you’re looking for a ghostwriter or editor to “cure” your health book, ask if they specialize in reviving an ailing manuscript and whether they truly understand health issues and terminology.

You wrote your health book for a good reason and to serve a specific purpose. Make sure it serves that purpose! And if you need help, check out these 12 Tips for Writing a Great Health Book.

If you’d like assistance writing your health book…

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