The Book Ghostwriting Process

The book ghostwriting process, described, step-by-step. By Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor, ghostwriters of memoirs, business books, and more.

The Book Proposal – What’s In It?

A look at the non-fiction book proposal - how you write one, and what's in it.

Book Editors, Proofreaders, et al.

An explanation of the different pro who help you with your book - the ghostwriter, developmental editor, line editor, copy editor, proofreader, and book coach.
questions to ask your book ghostwriter

8 Questions to Ask Your Ghostwriter

Be sure to ask your book ghostwriter these questions - before beginning work!

How to Write Your Autobiography – 6 Tips

Six tips for writing a powerful autobiography. It's easy to write a great autobiography, when you know how.

How To Find a Ghostwriter – 10 Great Tips

How to find a ghostwriter for your book. Ten great tips!
man leaping in the air, shouting into a megaphone

How to Find Your Memoir Writer’s Voice (Copy)

Learn how to develop your memoir writer's voice. A strong writer's voice is the key to creating a powerful memoir.

How to Develop a Great Memoir Theme (Copy)

Learn how to develop a memoir theme. A strong theme is the foundation of a powerful memoir.

25 Great Memoir Ideas!

Twenty-five great ideas for your memoir. Memoir prompts that will help you write a great memoir.