Why Write a Health Book?

Should you write a health book?

Becoming the author of a popular health book is an extremely powerful marketing tool for physicians, psychologists, chiropractors, nutritionists and other health care professionals.

A well-written health book can…

  • greatly increase your public profile.
  • solidify your reputation as the expert in your field.
  • get you invited onto radio and television shows.
  • make you a worthy subject for magazine and newspaper articles.
  • open the door to speaking engagements or higher-profile speaking engagements than you are currently booking.

A health book can also be an extremely effective way to:

  • increase patient/client flow.
  • drive traffic to your website.
  • increase sales of your products/services.

Becoming the author of a well-written book may be the savviest business decision you’ve ever made!

Consider that:

  • Writing The Arthritis Cure put an unknown preventive medicine specialist from Arizona on the cover of People magazine and made him the subject of stories in TimeNewsweek, the New York Times and numerous other publications.
  • Writing For the Love of God put Richard Carlson, Ph.D. on the media map, while penning Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff turned him into an international sensation.
  • Writing The South Beach Diet catapulted a Florida cardiologist named Arthur Agaston from obscurity to nationwide fame.
  • Writing The 8 Week Cholesterol Cure turned an unknown health writer into a publishing dynamo, with new editions and spin-offs still appearing two decades after publication of the first book!
  • Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield were well-known on the speaking circuit, but it was the publication of their Chicken Soup for the Soul that made them into media sensations – and led to numerous follow-up books and over a billion dollars’ worth of branded merchandise sales.
  • Writing Fit for Life put Harvey and Marilyn Diamond on top of the New York Times bestseller list and lead to sales of over 12 million books!
  • Writing The Zone made biochemist Barry Sears into a household name.

Writing a health book may be the best career move you’ll ever make.

If you can do it on your own, great!

If not, check out these 12 tips for health book writing, and consider hiring a book doctor.

I’m Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D., a bestselling author and editor. If you need help writing your health book, give me a call at 818-917-5362.

You can see Green Tea: The Natural Secret For A Healthier LifeArthritis For Dummies, Runaway Eating and other health books I’ve written or edited on my Author Page at Amazon.com.