Your Story Is Your Legacy

Nadine Taylor, ghostwriter of memoirs, business books, health books and more.

Your life stories and your family history are precious and meaningful, but they’re also perishable!

By turning them into a compelling, beautifully-written book, you’ll ensure they will live forever. Yet creating that book can be a major challenge.

Fortunately, I can help you do just that, just as I’ve helped others!

I’m Nadine Taylor, an experienced memoir ghostwriter

My specialty is combining personal journeys, family stories, family history, genealogical information, photos, and even favorite family recipes to create a wonderful, highly readable book that your descendants will treasure forever.

I did this most recently for a couple who started life together as broke, pregnant teenagers, then eventually raised four children, created a $2 billion oil business, divorced in late middle age, and rekindled their love 11 years later, culminating in a second wonderful marriage—this time for life.

Their book begins with a detailed chapter about each of them, including their birth stories, description of family life, stories from childhood, and tales of those who came before them.

The next several chapters are about the couple coming together, marrying, raising children, getting a foothold in the oil business, rolling the dice, gaining traction in the business, losing touch with each other, getting divorced, making it on their own, and eventually realizing they were meant for each other—leading to a romantic and gratitude-filled second marriage.

Sixteen glossy pages of family photographs, mostly in color, grace the middle portion of the book.

The last part of the book is devoted to short summaries of each of the children and grandchildren and what they’re doing today, write-ups of 17 favorite family recipes, and more than 50 pages of genealogical information.

Here’s what the couple said about the book-writing experience:

Bill and I are delighted to have had Nadine Taylor’s help in blending the kaleidoscope of our lives into a readable fashion for our family memoir… She became a writer, therapist, literary critic, and friend, all rolled into one. Writing the book with Nadine was a wonderful experience that we recommend to all! – Kay and Bill Doré  

And their children and grandchildren unanimously agreed it was the greatest gift their parents/grandparents ever could have given them. The book ensured that the couple would live on and be loved and remembered by their descendants for generations to come.

The book-writing/publishing process

I’ll fly to meet you anywhere in the continental United States. We’ll sit together and review your stories, look at your pictures, and otherwise delve deeply into your life story. When I return home, I’ll start writing.

We’ll continue talking by phone as your story unfolds, and I’ll send you drafts of the chapters as we go.

As the manuscript nears completion, we’ll start planning publication. Upon request, I can extend my ghostwriting services to include the creation of your self-published book.

My fee is $65,000 and up, depending upon the services requested. This includes my travel expenses within the U.S. for the initial working session. Costs for additional travel or travel outside the U.S. are additional.

Don’t let your life story, family history, and important messages to your family disappear into thin air! Live on in the minds and hearts of your descendants for generations. Call me at (818) 917-5362 to get started!