professional ghostwriter Barry Fox

Ghostwriter Barry Fox, Ph.D.

You’ve wanted to write a book for some time but something has always stopped you.

Writing a book can be a struggle… and that’s where I come in. I’m a professional ghostwriter and editor of highly-praised memoirs, business books, books on politics, art, and more. My resume includes New York Times bestsellers and international bestsellers, as well as self-published works written for specific business purposes or personal reasons.

I can help you turn your dream into a great book!

professional ghostwriter Nadine Taylor

Nadine Taylor

My strength lies in narrative works, memoirs and books that involve the author’s personal history. While I’m not a fiction writer, my projects capture the imagination and often read much like great novels.

I’ve recently written the true stories of a rags-to-riches couple who became the owners of a billion dollar oil business, and a woman who founded the largest business seminar company in the U.S.

If you’ve had a fascinating life or an amazing experience you’d like to relay, I’m the ghostwriter for you.

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If My Heart Had Wings, by Nadine Taylor


Here’s Nadine’s own, recently published memoir, the story of her discovery that her mother had been married to a pilot killed in action during World War II.

See “If My Heart Had Wings” on


Working With Ghostwriters Barry or Nadine

As book ghostwriters and editors with more than 50 published books to our credit, including New York Times bestsellers, we know that a good book is a conversation with the reader…

…often an intimate conversation during which you, the author, share your ideas, insights and perhaps your feelings, depending on the type of book.

That’s why we like to begin our work together by having a conversation with you – a lengthy one, as we delve deeply into your ideas and experiences.

We sit down together several times and get to know each other well enough that we can turn our chats into a book that makes your readers feel as if they, too, are sitting with you, listening to your every word.

We’re based in Los Angeles, California, but we travel to your location and help you sharpen your ideas to a fine point. Then we return home to ghostwrite your book. Soon you will have a highly-polished book, created by you, written by an experienced book ghostwriter, that’s ready to wow the world.

We love turning great ideas into great books!

To learn about the specific services book ghostwriters offer, see our article on “Ghostwriting Services.” 

We also invite you to read the Testimonials Page to see what VIPs have said about our process, and you can listen to Barry discussing book proposals in his “Writing A Great Non-Fiction Book Proposal” presentation on YouTube.

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