Turning Ideas Into Great Books

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You’ve got a intriguing idea for a book; but writing that book is a whole different ballgame!

How do you structure it, choose the right theme and approach, make the words flow, and turn it into something that people really want to read?

That’s where we come in: Barry Fox and Nadine Taylor, professional ghostwriters of highly-praised memoirs, business books, political books, art books, health books and more.

With more than 50 published books to our credit, we’ve written and edited New York Times and international bestsellers, as well as self-published books, for a wide variety of clients.

Proven Ghostwriting Services

Read our Testimonials Page to see what our clients and publishers have to say about our work on books such as these:

An inspirational memoir by the former C.O.O. of Toys “R” Us.
another project by expert ghostwriters Nadine Taylor & Barry FoxAn eyewitness account of Princess Diana’s last romance and final days.
a best-selling book by expert ghostwriter Barry FoxA New York Times #1 bestseller that sold over a million copies.
a World War II memoir by expert ghostwriter Nadine TaylorA woman struggles to find happiness after the death of her pilot husband in World War II.

Personalized Ghostwriting Services

You’ll know exactly who is writing your book because you’ll work directly with either Barry or Nadine.

We’ll travel to your location for face-to-face meetings that will help us define and sharpen your ideas and understand the way you express yourself. Then we’ll return home to Los Angeles to ghostwrite your amazing book.

Publication Assistance Available

Many of our clients ask for help with either the traditional publishing or self-publishing process, we can provide that.

For traditional publication, we will identify appropriate literary agents and write your book proposal. (To learn more about book proposals, check out Barry’s “Writing a Great Non-Fiction Book Proposal” video on YouTube.)

If you’re interested in self-publication, we can shepherd you through the processes of cover design, formatting, printing, and other confusing matters.

(See “How To Publish Your Book” for more information on publishing.)

Ghostwriter Services, Plus!

Writing a book is a huge undertaking. We’ll ensure that your idea or story is transformed into a compelling, well-organized, easy-to-read book that captivates readers.

Let us help you realize your dream of being a published author!

P.S. We do not ghostwrite original fiction, screenplays, or books for children. Although we’re based in Los Angeles, we travel to work with authors. 

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Ghostwriting Services FAQ

What do ghostwriting services consist of?

The primary service is, of course, ghostwriting your book.

Other services may include refining and focusing your idea, editing your manuscript, writing your book proposal, helping you secure a literary agent, guiding you through the self-publishing process, and otherwise taking you from rough idea to finished book.

Some book ghostwriters offer these services individually, while others bundle them into packages.

See “What Does a Ghostwriter Do” for more details.

Are some ghostwriting services better than others?

Rather than thinking of “better” or “worse,” it’s helpful to focus on finding the professional ghostwriter best suited to you and your project.

For some authors, that may mean an inexpensive writer for hire who can race through the project without adding any new ideas and insight.

For others, the best choice is a thoughtful ghost who spends a fair amount of time with the author discussing and refining the idea, then working through several drafts until everything is polished to perfection.

Aren’t ghostwriting agencies really just ghostwriting mills?

There are certainly some ghostwriting “factories” that churn out books as rapidly and inexpensively as possible. If you utilize their services, you may not even know who is actually writing your book.

There are also ghostwriting agencies that act essentially as agents. They have lists of ghosts who specialize in different genres, have varying levels of experience, and charge a variety of rates.

The agency introduces you to the writers they feel are appropriate for your project and, if you hire one of them, takes a cut of the ghostwriter’s fee.

Another type of ghostwriting company consists of groups of ghostwriters who have banded together for business purposes.

Finally, there are ghostwriting services like ours.

We’re just two people, a husband and wife, who spend time developing personal relationships with our clients, work closely with them, and pride ourselves on being able to “get into their skins” and write their books using their authentic voices.

Where are the best ghostwriting services located?

You might think that to get a great ghostwriter, you have to hire one based in a major publishing city such as Los Angeles or New York.

Fortunately, professional ghostwriters can be found in every nook and cranny of our country. The key is to find the one best for you and, if you’d like to meet in person, ask if he or she will travel.

We’ve flown from Los Angeles to New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, Tennessee, Ohio—even to Belgium and Finland—to meet and work with clients.

Do many authors use a book ghostwriter?

Yes, although the exact number cannot be determined because ghosts often work secretly.

Many notable people, including Hillary Clinton, are known to have used professional ghostwriters.

Other equally famous people won’t explicitly say they hired someone to write their books, but you can tell they did from the “with” or similar credit on the book cover, or by checking the acknowledgements.

In our case, CEOs, attorneys, artists, historians, and many other very interesting and accomplished people have utilized our book ghostwriting services.

Do you develop an outline for the book right away?

Some ghostwriter services promise that you’ll have a preliminary outline for the book after 5 hours of interviews, and a final one after 10, or something similar.

We do develop and revise the outline for our book, but only after we’ve fully explored your ideas and stories.

But we don’t promise it will be done after a certain number of hours. That’s because what may seem to be the obvious approach is often not.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to ghostwriting, and we are willing to spend the extra time to think things through.

Do you run specials or offer coupons?

No, we don’t offer any such inducements.

However, our rates are competitive given our experience and the time and care we take with each project.

Some ghostwriter services write all kinds of material. Do you?

It’s true that some ghostwriting companies and individual ghostwriters write books plus articles plus speeches plus web copy plus white papers plus…well, you get the idea.

We specialize in non-fiction books, particularly memoirs, business books, political and historical works, and art books.

We do sometimes write speeches and other materials for existing clients, but our main focus is books.

How do I find the best ghostwriter services?

“Best” is a tricky term.

There are many reputable ghostwriting companies and individuals, with excellent credentials and relevant experience, who have glowing testimonials and are in the right price range. Any of them might do a great job for you.

So if you’re going to be working closely with your writer, make the “click” the litmus test.

The “click” is the feeling you get when you interview a prospective ghostwriter and get the feeling that she understands you and your project, and demonstrates just the right personality and work characteristics.

It’s impossible to define “click,” but you’ll know it when you feel it.

It’s the “click” that helps you find the best ghostwriter.

To learn more about our ghostwriting services, call
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