marketing your book on the internet

Are you preparing to market your self-published book on the internet ?

marketing your self-published book on the internet

You’ve braved the self-publishing process and you’re the proud author of a book in print (digital and otherwise). Congratulations, that’s a real accomplishment! But now the real work starts—marketing your book.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get your book listed on, the largest bookseller in the world. If you’re working with a self-publishing firm, they may do so for you. If not, it’s up to you.

The simplest way to do this is to self-publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon’s publishing arm, then list it on the Amazon website. For complete instructions on how to do this, see

But just listing your book on Amazon and hoping it will sell itself isn’t going to work. Something like 5,000 books per day are released in the U.S. alone, and most of them go completely unnoticed by prospective readers. You’ll need to work hard if you want people to find your book and, hopefully, buy it.

Here are five important book-selling tools that you can use to make the most of your book-marketing efforts:

How to Market Your Book on the Internet – 5 Key Steps

  1. Develop your “author platform”

    Your author platform is a conglomeration of all the ways you can use to reach prospective readers and sell books.

    This includes social media, your website, an email list, your Amazon author page, your blog, any radio or TV shows you might make appearances on, etc. The greater your platform, the more people you can tell about your book, which hopefully translates to more sales.

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  2. Pursue reviews & quotes

    You can never overestimate the importance of reviews. Naturally you hope they’ll be glowing, but you can’t control that.

    When it comes to reviews on your Amazon description page, more is always better. Nothing spells “amateur” faster than a book with just three or five reviews.

    Naturally, you will want friends and family to weigh in with reviews, but be aware than only one review can come from the same Amazon account. If two people with the same Amazon account try to review the same book, both reviews will be discarded and the account will be locked for reviews for that book—permanently.

    Also, Amazon checks to see if the reviewer actually bought your book. If so, the review will be tagged “Verified Reviewer” on the website and take precedence over other reviews. So ask your friends and family to actually buy your book from Amazon before reviewing.

    In addition to reviews, get quotes from notable people. These quotes can be from experts on your book’s subject matter, well-known authors, or other recognizable individuals, and should be used on your book cover and upfront pages. They are also invaluable additions to your book’s Amazon description page.

    Contact anyone you can think of who might be of help, whether you know them or not. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

  3. Sign up for KDP Select

    KDP Select is Amazon’s way of giving you the incentive to sell your e-book exclusively through them. In exchange, they allow you to run a Kindle Countdown Deal every three months for up to seven days. During that time, you can reduce the price of your e-book to as little as $.99; however it must be at least $1 less than your regular price.

    This is a great way to get more exposure for your book, as more readers will be likely to buy it at a discounted price. It drives up the number of sales and, thus, your position on the sales list, making your book more visible.

  4. Use book promotion sites

    During your Kindle Countdown periods, run paid ads featuring your book on special book sites that send daily emails listing today’s discount deals.

    Hundreds and maybe even thousands of prospective readers will see your book ad on the day it is selling at a discount and many will click on it. This takes them directly to your Amazon book description page.

    Book promotion sites like these include Booksends, BookBub, Book Gorilla, Fussy Librarian, and others. They can be expensive and you’ll need to experiment to find out which ones work best for your book. But they can be well worth the time and money.

  5. Write a scintillating Amazon book description page

    You’ve got one big chance to sell your book, and that’s when a prospective reader lands on your book description page. All the advertising work you’ve done to get her to find your page is for naught if she doesn’t end up buying. So start with an irresistible hook, a quote from a famous person who read your book, a stunning fact that relates to your topic, or a provocative question.

    Then once you’ve got them, give the briefest, most tantalizing sum-up of what your book is about. Comparing it to other books or others in your genre can also be helpful.

    Just be sure your description is so compelling that the reader will simply have to click the purchase button!

Marketing your book on the internet is difficult—but doable!

By developing your platform, relentlessly pursuing reviews, taking advantage of KDP Select, purchasing ads on book promotion sites, and writing a dazzling Amazon book description page, you’ll be far ahead of most of the pack…and well on your way to getting your fabulous book into the hands of your target audience.


Before you can market your book, you’ve got to write it! And we can make it easy for you by writing, editing, and/or helping with the self-publishing of your passion project.

Barry Fox, Nadine Taylor, ghostwriters, memoirs, business books, art books, history books, health books

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