Do I Need a Ghostwriter for My Memoir?

Writing a Memoir Sounds Easy!

“Hmmm….do I need a ghostwriter for my memoir?

“It’s my life. Who knows it better than me? When I tell my stories to my friends and family, I always get a good response.

“So all I really need to do is put my stories down on paper and – voila! – an instant memoir.”  

If only it were that easy. The truth is, writing a fascinating and powerful memoir requires a great deal of thought, preparation and effort. That’s why many people enlist the aid of a professional ghostwriter.

Do I Need A Ghostwriter For My Memoir?

Well, ask yourself a few questions…

1.     Can I think thematically? 

A memoir is more than a series of interesting stories. It’s a journey through a specific part of your life that makes a point, teaches a lesson, has a moral or comes to a profound, highly personal conclusion. This point, which is your theme, may be as simple as “life is beautiful,” or more complex and nuanced. It may leave the readers chuckling, feeling depressed, or lost in thought. Your theme will be the organizing principle and the framework for your memoir, so it must be strong and ring true.

2.     Am I willing to “sacrifice” my favorite stories? 

Often your favorite stories will not mesh with your theme and must be set aside. These stories may be very entertaining or dramatic on their own, but if they don’t contribute to the theme, they will have to be discarded.

3.     Do I have a passion for writing?

Writing a memoir is not nearly as easy as telling your stories to your family and friends while seated around the dinner table. If you have difficulty converting your thoughts into written words, the writing process can easily become an exercise in futility and frustration.

4.     Do I have the time to dedicate to my memoir? 

It can take many months or even years to come up with a strong theme, organize your material, write, rewrite and edit the drafts – and then rewrite and edit some more. If you can’t commit to the long-haul, writing a memoir can become impossible.

Do I need a ghostwriter for my memoir? 

If you are unsure whether you have the insight, discipline, passion and time to write your memoir, consider hiring a ghostwriter. A professional ghostwriter can make the writing process a joyful journey through your memories while creating a powerful, compelling memoir. You can be as involved as you like, participating in a lot of the thought-work and perhaps some of the writing, or simply reviewing your stories and ideas with your ghostwriter, then correcting drafts of the manuscript as they are produced.

Professional ghostwriters can turn your dream of writing a memoir into reality. If you are looking for a ghostwriter with the experience and passion it takes to turn your story into a powerful memoir, contact Barry Fox.